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How the Garden Grows

Anna Hall, communications specialist with the Jekyll Island Authority, recently procured a plot at the community garden on the Island. She, along with her husband, mother and father, will tend to the land, trying to grow the goods of the earth, reconnect with nature– and each other. The Grassroots Gardening blog treks their progress.

Grassroots Garden is taking off! It seems that Dad is very excited about having a garden ploy and he, with help from Mom, have actively been planting all kinds of veggies and flowers. I have had a hand in one key role: pulling weeds. With the plot only a few seconds from my office, my daily routine has turned into pulling weeds after work. Not as glamorous as planting, but needed nonetheless. Look how our garden has grown!


One response

  1. Susan Hall

    Makes me want to get out and pull some weeds up here in North Georgia. I’ll be watching your progress with interest, Anna!

    April 24, 2012 at 1:45 am

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