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Take that, Beryl!

After the weekend of crazy storms, high winds and the strangely-named Tropical Storm Beryl, I have to admit I was slightly worried about our little GrassRoots Garden. Would the newly planted crops fall as victim to the storm lords? Would our thin rows of tomatoes make it through the Beryl wrath? Could that newly-blossoming squash hang tight as rip-current winds smashed against its frail new skins?

Sitting in my living room, on the other side of the Downing Musgrove Causeway, miles from my Jekyll garden, I had my doubts. The non-stop rains and gale-force winds did little to ease my mind. When the power clicked off at my house, I knew the storm was surging. When the power came back on and I saw The Weather Channel on a nearby beach, my fears only grew stronger. The garden. The garden would not survive. If nothing else, it would succumb to the water and simply wash away.

Yet I worried for nothing. Tending to the plot Wednesday, I saw not only one huge squash, but three of them. A bright purple eggplant huge sturdily from its vine. I saw not one green pepper, but a bushel full. The tomatoes hung on for dear life, and the vines, though a bit shaky, were holding their own.

The garden is as lush and green as ever, promising that these GrassRoots are dug in deep and strong. The entire community garden, in fact, had held up rightly and nicely through the heavy storm. Aside from a few fallen, plumb and now-destroyed tomatoes, there was no real visible damage done. No massive wipe outs or highly-perturbed plant structures.

So take that, Beryl! GrassRoots Gardens not only survived your hefty blow, it is now flourishing from the onset of your rains.


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