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After a few weeks of careful tending, Grassroots Garden has shown itself to be a bountiful wonder. First, there were the gargantuan zucchini I’m talking mega-pounders. I made stuffed zucchini, spaghetti sauce, grilled zucchini skewers and more from one huge ol’ piece.

Then there were the never-ending eggplants. I devoured any recipe I could find regarding eggplants, roasting, grilling and sauteing them every which way. My husband has yet to grow to like the vegetable, but oh well. We have plenty of it, so he better learn to adjust!

Now the peppers and cherry tomatoes have come to bloom. I picked a few this afternoon to top my lunch. Fabulous and fresh! I’m thinking dinner may be accompanied by a tomatoes and pepper mixers, maybe a salsa or roasted variety. Oh, the ideas…

All this fresh, homegrown food has not only given me an easily outlet for quick grocery shopping, it has also saved me some really money at the check-out counter. Fresh and free is hard to beat! And who knew? Food doesn’t come from store shelves. It can actually come from the ground!

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  1. I love eggplant too. Have you ever tried Baba Ganouj? It is actually Eggplant Pates. Yum! Summertime Vegetables remind me of Tabouli and Gaspacho. If you want the recipes let me know. Garden on!

    June 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    • Great idea! I love Baba Ghanoush- But I hate how its always spelled differently! When I went to Israel and Jordan last year, I lived off the stuff, and hummus. Thanks for the suggestions, Lydia!

      June 13, 2012 at 11:34 pm

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